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Taizhou: the city's first multi-purpose vehicles in using heavy water tankers

   For the protection of life and property safety, promote local economic and social development, strengthen emergency rescue personnel, and improve the ability of emergency bridge, the afternoon of August 24, a multi-purpose heavy water tanker slowly into the bridge brigade, the Multifunction heavy water tankers only makes the fire equipment and equipment level bridge has made leaps and bounds, but also greatly improved the overall level of grassroots fighting and rescue.

    In recent years, the fire brigade under the bridge district government's attention and concern, with the support of relevant departments, through the joint efforts of all the officers and men, according to the provincial government office Luqiao government "on the basis of the firefighting force to strengthen the comprehensive Emergency rescue team building, "and" emergency rescue teams and equipment, Zhejiang Construction Standards "document request, the third time this year the mayor office meeting, specifically proposed to increase funding, as required by the purchase of multi-purpose heavy fire water tankers, enhance the region's emergency rescue capability.

    Currently, the bridge's rapid economic development, a number of markets, coupled with some fire equipment upgrading and natural wear and tear, and has reached the level of personal protection requirements than conventional equipment consumes large amount of special equipment and existing equipment desperately short service life has been exceeded in the event of large-scale fighting and rescue tasks, special equipment, no access to conventional equipment, lack of timely replenishment, seriously affecting the duty to prepare for work. After the purchase of multi-purpose heavy fire water tankers, effective solution to the fire of the water supply capability, the first time provides favorable conditions for the beginning of the fire fighting. .

    After the new multi-purpose heavy water tanker bridge brigade arrived, the factory specialized send technical personnel to bridge brigade conducted a field guide operations and to convene all the driver training and learning, and to ask the brigade officers and men to care, use and maintenance of a good car to play the greatest effect.

    Multifunctional emergency rescue fire truck is a multifunction device in one of the new fire truck, fire fighting is a versatile vehicle with the domestic advanced level. The total value of 1.78 million vehicles, the maximum power 275KM, import MAN chassis, vehicle load 12 tons of water, filled with water and equipment after the total weight of 25 tons. The chassis manufacturer for the German MAN company, pumps for the United States strongly PSP1250, lighting systems imported from Italy FIRECO, generators Honda SH6500EX.

    Update vehicle greatly ease the shortage of grassroots fire safety and security issues with existing equipment, to further enhance the fire brigade put out the fire bridge, the ability to rescue and other unexpected events, it is the first car of the most advanced in Taizhou Multifunction heavy fire water tankers.
This article from the bridge brigade Wenbo Tao editor released