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Van Semi-trailer

  • Van Semi-trailer
  • Van Semi-trailer
  • Van Semi-trailer
  • Van Semi-trailer
  • Van Semi-trailer
  • Van Semi-trailer

Van Semi-trailer

Sophisticated technique: Main parts of the trailer is processed with advanced equipment.The longitudinal beam is welded by a wholly automatic tracking submerged welding machine with high precision-cutting and well forming features,almost the steel spare parts are treated by shot blast before the assembling,which can greatly increase the adhesion of the paint.
Frame: the frame is manufacture be a “H-shaped”structure,which are made of high strength steel.this design reasonably to get a balance consideration of the intensity,rigidity and toughness,advantages of low tare weight ,heavy loading mass,not easy to be distorted.
Axles: The axle can be selected in different famous brand of BPW and SAF,FUWA etc.Domestic and overseas .Also ,the ABS system can be optional with Haldex and WABCO etc., can be greatly increase the stability and safety.
Suspension system:Optional for mechanical and air suspension series.
Mechanical suspension series: It used tandem and balance the chassis structure,have high strength and impacting resistance,distribute the axle load evenly.High strength material keep the service life much longer and efficient buffering ,simple maintenance,easy replacement for the wearing parts.
Air suspension system: Optional BPW&SAF.More shocking proof which coordinated with lifting and steering axles.
Brake system: Much more safety and reliability on dual-loop air brake system.

Technical parameter of Van Semi-trailer


Van Semi-trailer

Outer dimension(mm)


Wheelbase (mm)


Number of Axle


Tare weight(Kg)




Spec. of Tyre


Number of spring steel plate










1.Q:which countries have your Van Semi-trailer exported  to?

        Middle east:Saudi Arabia,Arabian countries
        South America: Cuba,Brazil.
        Asia: Vietnam,New Zealand,Malaysia.
    of course, we are opening the marketing in other countries actively.wellcome you take part in our Cooperative group.
2. Q:Does your factory have any certifications?
      A:YES, we have China industrial product certificate, Chinese 3C product quality system certificate, IS09001:2000 quality managenment system certifaicate and IS014001:2004 environmental management system certificate.
 3.Q:How long does the Van Semi-trailer take to finish?
     A:After an order,we need between 40-45 days to finish the product.
 4.Q:What about the accessory which is  easily broken ?
    A:We provide free accessory parts for the replacement of easily broken parts.

 5.Q:What kind of payment?

    A: (T/T,L/C).