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Take Control of Your Concrete

Volumetric concrete mixer truck give you the flexibility, control and the quality concrete you seek.

Volumetric concrete mixing truck is more cost and time efficient than traditional drum mixing, making these mixers an ideal solution for concrete production. Volumetric concrete mixer truck have numerous advantages over traditional drum methods.

Volumetric Concrete Mixer Tuck

  • Store, proportion, mix and dispense concrete from a single truck
  • Allow quick and efficient mix design changes
  • Produce a fresh mix upon delivery because all materials are kept separated until seconds before pouring
  • Let you move between jobs without having to return to a plant to change mix designs or reload
  • Help you eliminate overages and shortages because you produce the exact amount of product needed
  • Eliminate “hot” loads by ensuring fresh concrete is always available
  • Consistently produce the exact mix design every time
  • Environmentally friendly – quick and easy clean out with no waste
  • Let you mix concrete anytime, day or night – no more after hours fees or short load charges for concrete

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