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Small Concrete Mixer Trucks

Concrete Mixer Truck has different capacity from 8-10m³ and 12m³. As to the whole truck, we use second-class Chinese and international chassis to refit.

Chassis has such merits: High-power, Lighten weight, Nice performance.
The tank body is designed by means of three-dimensional aid design method with the characteristics of reasonable structure, large effective capacity.

We use OEM fittings, makes the tanker solid and durable, and reduce the cost to operate and maintain.
Other key parts of this transit concrete mixer include hydraulic system and mixing system. Hydraulic system can be equipped with oil pump and motor from either German Rexroth or Italy ARK, thus offering reliable performance. The decelerator acquired from Italy PMP or Italy TOPUNION offers a high reduction ration of 100-130. The mixer is able to offer a minimum charging speed of 3m³/min, and a minimum discharging speed of 2m³/min. This ensures high mixing efficiency.


1. Drum use two cove floating type spiral blades, the discharging spiral angle rotates 75°, and reducing to 60° upto the pyramis at bottom of drum. This unique design greatly reducing the residual discharging ratio, almost zero. Inclination is between 12-15°, improving the high mixing efficiency. Also reduce the concrete impact which offers more resistance to extend the service life. The scraper plate which fitted at rear of the spiral blade ensure an assistance movement for better mixing.
2. 350L large capacity water tank, compressed air form, high pressure and strong impulse to meet almost cleaning conditions.

This article comes from China JingGong edit released