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Remote Control (RC) Amphibious ATV W/Cup Holders Works On Land, Water, Snow, And Ice

Introducing the new all terrain RC vehicle that can go on street, dirt, snow, ice, and even in the water too. It's made with high quality materials and makes a perfect toy for all year long! Yes, it is amphibious. High speed plus lots of fun and it can do 360 degree spins. It even fires small plastic pellets like a real tank. When you drive the amphibious RC car into the water, the wheels fold in with a touch of the button. That's because it has twin propellers which provide amazing control no matter where you take your new RC toy. Climb 60 degree inclines with ease thanks to the strong motor design. Still want more? Check out the 4 cupholders, which make great fun for your pool too. Plus the laser and real working lights really add to the effect!

Order 2 of these amphibious RC cars and get separate radio frequencies for awesome RC fun.

It is complete with a full function radio, which means that it can drive fowards, backwards, right, left, and do 360 spins too. These RC toys normally sell for $99 or more in Hobby Stores. Now everyone can have this amazing toy!

Feature: Full Function Radio Controlled (Forward, Reverse, Right, Left Steering)

Shoots BB bullets up to 30 meters (Launching lights when shooting)

All terrain (Land and Water)

Super 360 Spin

2-Level Forward Speed Control

Turret can Turn

Up to 25 minutes play time

Complete Kit, Ready to Run (Everything is included and 100% assembled)

Amphibious Remote Control (RC) Vehicle Specification:

Length: 254mm (10")

Width: 241mm (9.5")

Height: 152mm (6")

Package Includes:

Amphibious RC ATV (100% assembled)

Radio Controller (9V Battery Included)

Wall Charger For The Battery Pack

Rechargeable 7.2V 700mAh Battery Pack

Box of plastic shells

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Due to extremely high demand for these RC boats, color choice will be preferenced, but cannot be guaranteed. Each of the colors looks very nice and we definitely do our best to send the color selected. If the color chosen is out of stock, then the next most popular color will be sent.
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