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Paintball Assault Vehicles are mobile firing platforms designed from actual vehicles, golf carts, ATV’s, Quads, boats, helicopters or any other suitable platform at which to build your P.A.V. They usually consist of “armor” to protect the occupants and some type of weapon to fire at opponents. The “weapon” usually consist of gun ports cut into the sides of the vehicle, a cannon or a gun mount with a gatling paintgun or automatic paintgun like the TS-1 select.. If you have pics of PAV’s, send us the image to post here.

Above is the latest in awesome paintball assault vehicles. This is Tippman Pneumatics Hellhound. This two man ATV has a 10 barrel high speed gatling gun that fires over 50 rounds per second with a 6000 round paintball capacity. The Hellhound also sports a rear mounted grenade launcher which launches Tippman Squadbuster grenades remotely from the passenger seat. Other goodies onboard is a power winch, 15lb co2 tank, 5 storage lockers, headlamps and mounts for personal weapons of course the Tippman model 98!). This is by far the best useful paintball assault vehicles we have seen to date. This item is NOT for sale, but I’m sure you’re going to see it at some of the bigger paintball events! To see more pics of the Hellhound and its gadgets, go to the Tippman web site.

Here’s the meanest looking car in Brooklyn.

Not exactly a paintball assault vehicle, but definitely worth a mention here as to the ingenuity that can be used to convert everyday vehicles to P.A.V. use.

Tanks in many forms are found on paintball fields around the world. Here is an actual Ferret Scout car with a Angel Paintgun mounted on the turret roof.

The Ferret was used in the annual big game in Paintball Long Islands March 16, 1999 game. This game had lots of PAV’s including 3 tanks and a helicopter.

Here is another one of the tanks used at that game.

This one was HUGE and was built on a real vehicle chassis. It housed a troop compartment that fit several men with a rear door exit, multiple view ports with camo netting for protection and gun ports. The tank rumbled through the field blasting it’s built in stereo system with 4 external speakers that can be seen in the tanks front and rear viewlarge circular cut outs). The wheels on the side are simulated, as is the cannon barrel.
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