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Numerical simulation of the tanker fire

In recent years, with the rapid development of modern petroleum and petrochemical industries, the country's demand for energy is growing, as the bulk of the oil tanker truck road transport and application is very common. Once the fire will occur lives and caused huge losses of state property. Conduct research on oil tanker truck the combustion characteristics of oil tank fire, tanker accidents can be prevented for security and control, and to specify the distance to provide important theoretical basis.
Given the dangers of the tanker fire, study the world of tank fire behavior and protective countermeasures of great importance. Rule of scholars trying to fires, to develop a set of preventive measures and rescue methods of transport flammable liquids fire, however, the problem has not been solved. The occurrence and development law of fire, predicting the danger is the key to effective prevention and extinguishing tank fire. Methods tank fire so far, there are two methods, namely fire model tests and numerical simulation.
Fire model experiments generally refers to a variety of actual fire tests conducted entity, or scaled down the size of the combustion test. It is the basic theoretical research methods and means of fire science, fire can be used to study the law, to verify the relationship between various factors, but also to provide the basic foundation for mathematical models. The numerical simulation is based on the process of describing the fire on top of the various mathematical models, analysis of fire, the development, the impact of the spread of smoke and fire laws on the surrounding environment. Numerical simulation of multiple computers by setting fire scene repeated simulations and calculations, can greatly reduce the cost of research and testing.
Simulation also called computer simulation, it is to computer as a means by numerical methods and image display, reaching and even physical problems of engineering research various issues and the nature of the purpose of achieving a specific calculation on the computer.
All along, the fire test is considered to be the most effective study methods tank fire, but full-scale fire experiments and small-scale model test cost is too high, and the small size of the test can not be used to convert all of the full-size phenomenon, with computer technology development of mathematics and computing, the emergence of a new group of related disciplines branch computational fluid dynamics, heat transfer and computing science and other computing combustion, it is due to the rapid development of these related disciplines and computer technology, more and more scholars began Numerical simulation of the process committed to the fire.
With CFD technology matures, many countries around the world have studied the characteristics and application of numerical simulation of tank fire. Sinai CFD software application under windy weather conditions, 20m diameter kerosene liquid pool fires were simulated and found the pool shape, the height of the dike surrounding turbulent conditions can affect the shape of the tail of flame, the text of the circular pool fires a good simulation, consistent with the experimental results and found parallel to the horizontal wind drag causeway has great influence on the flame, to produce a lot of feathers, sloping tail wind next to a fire somewhere in the target thermal radiation has very a big impact, and noted that the use of CFD technology to pool fire temperature and heat flow and fluid itself can make a good simulation, the simulation results also show that the turbulent combustion model for CFD software for data analog feasible.
This article excerpts from the master's degree thesis