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Mobile Volumetric Batching Plant

The Mobile Volumetric Concrete Batching Plant is a unique and innovative system for the production of all types of concrete, mixed cements, cold regeneration and inertization of materials mixed with resin additives. It is like a multiple container that separately transports all the elements necessary for the production of cement, or any other mixture, at the specific place of work desired.

Due its construction design, this mobile system allows transporting of all the elements needed for making concrete. Cement, water, inerts and chemical additives are carried separately in suitable containers. In this way, the operator can produce exactly what he wants, where he wants and in the quantity he wants through the use of an on-board computer. Once production is started, the various components enter the mixer in the required doses and the finished mixed product comes out continuously ready for final use. It is also suitable for the recovery of materials destined for landfill disposal, such as cement mixtures regenerated from masonry rubble.

The mobile batching plant is easy to transport. It can be fixed-mounted on a truck, mounted on a truck with tipping box or mounted on an interchangeable cradle.

Quality Concrete Production
The key benefit of the Mobile Volumetric Batch Plant is that high-quality concrete is produced through a computerized control of the electro-hydraulic system for the regulation of the two inert flows - the positive displacement system for injecting water, the advanced system for cement extraction and weighing with load cells, and the management of chemical additives.

In summary, the Mobile Volumetric Batch Plant offers: versatility, simplicity of use, it is eco-compatible, easy transportation, job site autonomy and production of quality concrete. It's unique features make it a technical jewel in the field of transportable systems for the production of concrete, mixed cements and mixtures in general.
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