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Manufactured by Central Valley Tank of California Inc.

We manufacture all types of horizontal and vertical petroleum tanks, such as oil, fuel, biodiesel, ethanol, waste oil & secondary containment tanks. Our petroleum tanks are double-walled or single-walled, typically steel above ground or underground, and employ a variety of tank corrosion control coatings and cathodic protection. Special accessories we integrate with petroleum tanks include flow controls, legs, skirts, piping, mixers, agitators, inlets, outlets, drains, access hatches, man doors, man way access doors, tank shell anchors, seismic restraints, and welded tank nozzles with 150 lb to 3000 lb flanges.

The petroleum industry demands high quality reliable fabrication, which Central Valley Tank specializes in. Our petroleum tanks are backed by our guarantee, our UL label and our UL 142 and API 650 certifications. We fabricate vertical cylindrical petroleum tanks and horizontal cylindrical petroleum tanks to client specifications in our shop and in the field. Other tank configurations include ball tanks or spherical tanks (spheres) and conical tanks.

Various types of refinery tanks we fabricate are petroleum blending tanks, crude oil tanks (COT), petroleum intermediate storage tanks (PIT), petroleum dispatch area tanks (DISPATCH), power plant utility tanks (UTILITIES), and production area tanks (ISBL).

We also offer reconditioned fuel tanks and oil tanks.
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