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Two-axle structure, flexible, small turning radius, less vehicle failure, high attendance rate, suitable for small loading and unloading sites, frequent turning, uphill downhill working environment

  • GT3380
  • GT3380
  • GT3380
  • GT3380
  • GT3380
  • GT3380
  • GT3380
  • GT3380
  • GT3380
  • GT3380

Guerte is the pioneer manufacturer of Off-Road Dump Truck (ODT) in China,serve customer with its own design concept, reliable technology and professional services in the market.
Medium pressure: 1.6MPa≤Design pressure<10Mpa

The R&D and manufacture of mining automobiles has gone through the whole process from the refitting of highway transport vehicles to the R&D and production of mining automobiles through years of operation of our own mines and continuous accumulation of experience and improvement.

Guerte dump truck not only have low investment in early stage vehicles, but also lower operating costs in later stage, saving 20 to 30 percent compared with the same level dump truck, not only low operating costs, but also the attendance rate is as high as 80 percent.

Guerte dump truck is reliable in quality, efficient in operation, high in safety, energy-saving, environmental protection and high cost-effective.

It is the first product in China to pass the inspection by the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of Construction Machinery and get the safety sign issued by the State Administration of Safety Management.

Guerte dump truck is very popular with customers,it have been sold to more than ten provinces and cities in China and exported to overseas.

Technical parameters for GT3380

Name GT-3380
Parameters Outside dimensions Length 7940mm
Width 3080mm
Height 3500mm
Interior size of the compartment Length 5300mm
Width 2800mm
Height 1490mm
Paperback 22m³
Loading length 5560mm
Loading height 2750mm
Unloading height 680mm
Tipping height 7035mm
Axle distance 3860mm
Wheel distance Front wheel distance 2450mm
Rear wheel distance 2250mm
Turning radius 9500mm
Pass diameter 21500mm
  Ground clearance、Axle distance 400mm
Ground clearance、 Tilting the bottom of the car 630mm
Front overhang/Rear overhang 1570/2450mm
Approach angle/Departure angle 30/50°
Max vehicle quality 15000
Max load weight 23000
Max total weight 38000
Full-load axle load mass (front/rear) 13000/25000
Performance parameter Max speed(km/h) 55
Max climbing speed% 45
Max stop slope% 26
Braking distance Va=30km/h
Car unloading angle(°) 50°
Car full load lift / return time 16/13
Engine Type WD12.336
Model 6-cylinder direct injection, pressurized, water-cooled, 4-stroke, electric start
Rated power(kw) 247
Rated speed(r/min) 2200
Max torque(N.m) 1350
Emissions(L) 11.596
Voltage(V) 28
Fuel Diesel
Gear box Type 6DS150TA
Speed ratio 9.43
Type and No. of gears Connecting rod rigid connection 6 forward gears & 1 reverse gear
Front axle Model Wide body, steel welded structure
rear axle Model Wide body, drum with differential lock
Tachometer Model Recirculating ball & booster cylinder, integral internal boost
Retarder Type RZ30
Number of gears 4 gears
Wheel Rim 10.0-25
Tire Specification 14:00-25
Air pressure(MPa) Front 800、Rear 700







1.Q:which countries have Pressure Vessel exported  to?
        Middle east:Saudi Arabia,Arabian countries
        South America: Cuba,Brazil.
        Asia: Vietnam,New Zealand,Malaysia.
    of course, we are opening the marketing in other countries actively.wellcome you take part in our Cooperative group.

2. Q:Does your factory have any certifications?


    A:YES, we have China industrial product certificate, Chinese 3C product quality system certificate, IS09001:2000 quality managenment system certifaicate and IS014001:2004 environmental management system certificate.

3.Q:How long does the Pressure Vessel take to finish?


   A:After an order,we need between 40-45 days to finish the product.
4.Q:What about the accessory which is  easily broken ?
   A:We provide free accessory parts for the replacement of easily broken parts.
5.Q:What kind of payment?
   A: (T/T,L/C).

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