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Jiefang chassis performance under bridge inspection van, Girder Bridge Inspection Van

  • Jiefang chassis performance Girder Bridge Inspection Van
  • Jiefang chassis performance Girder Bridge Inspection Van
  • Jiefang chassis performance Girder Bridge Inspection Van
  • Jiefang chassis performance Girder Bridge Inspection Van

Jiefang chassis performance under bridge inspection Van

Being a latest privately developed specialized van for bridge inspection,the bridge testing operation vehicle owns features of nice exterior .compact structure,easy operation ,safe and reliable,which is good for staff checking any location of object in shortest time.With devices of imported Volvo or national produced Jiefang Brand chassis,highest driving speed of 85km/h,and inspection time of 10m/min,girder bridge inspection van is perfectly fit for tasks of problem maintain and prevention inspection of large bridge,cloverleaf junction and bridge approach with air conditioning system and FM/AM radio in driving room.
Hydraulic operating rubber balance wheel of no wider than auto width can keep auto balance in working time. Meanwhile,two sets of remote control systems installed in auto let staff remote control and monitor full procedure of putting operation platform safely under bridge in safe distance. Safely driving is promised with hydraulic synchronous interlock control system,intercommunication system,and safely lock valve which installed in auto.Backup power source can be used to offer power for call backing working platform when chassis engine has problem.

►Our advantage

1.Leading technology
owns dozens of invention patent,utility model patents supporting products,make sure the vehicle technology in the domestic advanced level.
2.Optimizing chassis
Imported from Sweden VOLVO or domestic well-known manufacturers such as
liberation , Dongfeng chassis,modeling beautiful,strong,large capacity,good stability,environmental protection and economic cab luxurious and comfortable,especially suitable for long distance work.
3.Reliable performance
All vehicle electrical and hydraulic control system USES the import original ,the key structure of imported high strength steel,imported high strength wire welding.
4.Carrying capacity is strong
work platform can carry 600KG.
5.High work efficiency
At the same time to test the bridge at the bottom of the entire sector,combined with wheeled away on its own patent technology ,walking speed is fast.
6.Communication is strong
Configuration,video monitoring system can realize many intercom,monitoring platform,reverse image function ,ensure that the bridge communication smoothly.
7.With complete accessory
Users can choose according to need to all kinds of personalized needs configuration,expand the function of bridge inspection vehicle.
8.Strong adaptability
At high temperature,low temperature,high humidity and other harsh natural environment has good adaptive performance,such as an attitude of 2000m -20℃~+50℃,environment temperature,relative humidity 98%,wind magnitude 6 cases all can work normally.Vehicle technology in the domestic advanced level.

Technical parameter of Jiefang chassis performance
under bridge inspection Van


Girder bridge inspection van

Chassis type

CA1310p63k1L6T4E Euro III emissions

Total mass


Outer dimension




Hydraulic system

Elector-hydraulic servo system

Self-walking mechanism

Machinery hydrostatic transmission

Operating range under bridge(total)

(according to the client’s requirements)

Largest width of crossing sidewalk

2300mm~3500mm (according to the client’s requirements)

Furthest height of crossing guardrail

2200mm~3500mm (according to the client’s requirements)

Largest total loading capacity


Max load of front end


Furthest thickness of crossing box girder


First scope of rotation


Second scope of rotation


Auto occupation width on bridge during working time


Furthest dropping depth of working platform(distance between bridge floor and working platform bottom)


Width of working platform


Classification of wind resistance


Rear axle add stabilizer


Control system

wired/wireless/manual operation

Backup power

Us Kohler generator

 Technical Features for under bridge inspection Van

1.Truss system


Ensure light auto weight ,high intensity,large loading capacity ,safe and reliability which supported by imported high-strength wire soldered and finite element analysis optimized truss,platform and turret of imported high-strength steel material.

2.Hydraulic system



Hydraulic system can be regularly used in temperature of 10~40with imported famous brand key parts to ensure safe and reliability of hydraulic system and high system efficiency as well as low heat.

3.Electric system


Whole imported intelligent control system will show all parameters at real time;problem diagnosis function of electric system;location analysis and prompt of dangerous operation;safety stop and safety interlock.



4.Controlling system


 CAN technology can reduce system problem rate and maintain fee from customers;inserted human-computer interface with colorful graphs owns strong mutual function;all movements can be freely switched between manual operation and electronic control where the HD visible inter phone device installed;interlock function can absolutely keep safe of staff and machines.

5.Twin drive system of main and sub


Main system of chassis with high power is credibility and stable;backup system will offer convenient for inspection with advantage of energy-saving ,consumption reduction and double safety safeguard.

6.Video monitoring system


Colorful LCD(Liquid crystal display)installed in driving room,high power optical zoom camera over platform,and infrared night vision reversing camera can offer functions of multi-sides talk back ,platform monitoring,platform camera shooting and rear camera display.

7.Excellent spanning ability


Spanning ability is obviously better than same product abroad  with support from patent technology and spanning ability of 3.5 meters sidewalk width spanning and 3.5 meters guardrail height.

8.Vehicle amble system



Excellent quality and performance hydraulic amble motor drive;our  products can satisfy all inspection work in diversity environments with steady speed and large torque.








1.Q:which countries have Girder Bridge Inspection Van imported to?

        Middle east:Saudi Arabia,Arabian countries

        South America: Cuba,Brazil.

        Asia: Vietnam,New Zealand,Malaysia.

    of course, we are opening the marketing in other countries actively.wellcome you take part in our Cooperative group.

 2. Q:Does your factory have any certifications?

    A:YES, we have China industrial product certificate, Chinese 3C product quality system certificate, IS09001:2000 quality managenment system certifaicate and IS014001:2004 environmental management system certificate.  

 3.Q:How long does the  Girder Bridge Inspection Van take to finish?

   A:After an order,we need between 40-45 days to finish the product.

 4.Q:What about the accessory parts which is  easily broken ?  

   A:We provide free accessory parts for the replacement of easily broken parts.

 5.Q:What kind of payment?

   A: (T/T,L/C).