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Hyundai Fuel Tank Lorries are designed to transporting liquid fuel, to oil reservoirs or gas stations.
They feature a 4-way valve and a gear pump which store or exhaust fuel oil from the tank in a 4-step cycle of suction, discharge, stop and drain.

The Fuel Tank Lorries range in capacity from 4,500 liters to 22,000 liters depending on the choice of the chassis. They can be optionally configured with a flow meter and hose reel.

  HD72 HD120 HD170 HD260 HD310
Volume 4.5 kl 6 kl 
( 2 kl x 3)
8 kl 
( 2 kl x 4)
12 kl 
( 4 kl x 3)
16 kl 
( 4 kl x 4)
20 kl 
( 4 kl x 5)
22 kl 
(4 kl x 5, 2 kl)

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