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Drinking Water Tanker 10000 litre


10,000 litre potable grade water lorry
Petrol driven water pump on board for powered discharge
Hydrant fill
Metered discharge
Operated hire only

chargeable by the hour from and back to our yard at Pluckley
Minimum charge of four hours
An ideal solution for the delivery of drinking water to offices, work and education establishments in the event of a break in the normal mains water supply. Also available for the rapid filling of swimming pools and a range of bulk water delivery requirements.

water tanker bowser

Water can be supplied from boreholes which abstract from the chalk or greensand aquifers, high quality natural sources of spring water. Alternative supplies of softwater or mains treated water can also be delivered.

bulk water tanker

Bulk water delivery - Bulk spring water delivery -Water bowser delivery - tankered water - direct delivery to you
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