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Concrete Pump Services


Truck-Mounted Boom Pumps – Pioneer offers truck mounted boom pumps in a variety of sizes to suit your placement needs. We offer booms from 32 to 65 meters in length, pump speeds from 0 to 300 cubic yards per hour and mix capabilities from wall mix to DOT bridge mixes.

  • Fast setup, moving and cleanup time
  • High speed, pinpoint placement capabilities
  • Tough mix pumping ability – bridge decks to house slabs
  • Cost effective placement method


Separate Placing Booms - Pioneer offers separate placing equipment for any type of application.   Our systems include deck placers, separate placing booms with towers and pedestals, high pressure line pumps.

  • High pressure concrete pumping
  • Vertical pumping for tall skyscrapers
  • Tough mix pumping ability
  • Cost effective placement method


Line Pumps – In many ways line pumps are the most versatile type of concrete pump in use. Small lines allow block fill, footing and other small jobs to be performed with a minimum of labor and cleanup. Smaller walls, mezzanines and other inside elevated work can be done easily.

  • Lower hourly costs
  • High speed placement capabilities
  • Set up virtually anywhere
  • Long distance capability
  • Small lines available for ease of use with limited labor

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