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Schwing Stationary Concrete Pump Klein Concrete Pump

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: 1 x 20GP Seaworthy package
Delivery Detail: 10-40 days


78m3/h HBTS80-13-90 Trailer-mounted Concrete Pump
1. Excellent quality
2. Competitive price
3. Durable


Concrete pumps is a concrete machine to replace the traditional way to lift the concrete by labor force but pumps the concrete through the pipeline, use as conveniently as the tap water.
1. The main oil pump adopt Japanese Kawasaki oil pump;
2. Two ways to convey concrete: high-pressure with small volume and low-pressure with large volume;
3. Diesel trailer concrete pump adopts the air-cooled and water-cooled motor;
4. Italy MANULI high-pressure hose is used to ensure the security of hydraulic system, without leakage;
5. The distribution valve adopts the advanced S pipe valve system, good sealing performance; the structure is simple and reliable, and convenient replacement of the wearing parts;
6. Highabsorption optimize the hopper structure, improve teh regional structure inside of the hopper which affects the suction performance;
7. Mixing blade with unique design and few deal space so it can be adapted to a wide range of concrete formula;
8. The main electrical components are imported, they fully guarantee the electrical control system of high reliability;
9. Perfect maintainability and dismandtling of all wearing parts are very convenient.
10. Pumping fuel tank with an unique waterproof structure and with the combination of discharging and blocking, so it has anti-emulsified activity.
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