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concrete pump and mixer

The advanced Concrete mixer Pump:
Advanced S valve commutation, to meet the delivery of the concrete; glasses plate and cutting ring the high carbide materials and longer life; engage outlet pressure to meet the high-rise buildings and long-distance transport; hydraulic cooling water cooling effect, easy to use; anti-pump function, and minimize the pipes get clogged; equipped with a manual centralized lubrication system, to ensure that the rotating service life; wired remote control cabinet with handle for easy operation.

Drum stirring device is equipped with ring gear transmission, hopper by taper motor drive on materials, hopper up and down and reversing uniform mixing tube by the electrical control. Low energy consumption, compact structure, smooth operation, reliable transmission, simple to operate, mixing quality, high production efficiency, high degree of automation.

Concrete mixer Pump application:
Stirring conveying Concrete pump to small and medium-sized, foundation to fight Zhuang concrete, especially suitable for small-scale rural civil construction; the various cave Construction of the township and new rural construction; mined, road and rail tunnels, etc.; Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering; geological disaster the slope governance; basic irrigation and concrete pouring large or narrow space construction characteristics. The high-performance structural system configuration, to ensure pumping strive zero failures.

Mixing and pumping the perfect combination of your preferred power.

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