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concrete pump 72

72 concrete pump Introduction

  • Light weight Design Technology for Complete Machine
  • Efficient and Large-output Pumping System – Truck-mounted Concrete Pump with the Largest Output in the World
  • Several Intelligent Control Technologies – Improving Overall Intelligence
  • Automatic folding/unfolding, automatic diagnosis for risk avoidance, protection against impact from boom slewing and intelligent coordinative control of articulations to make the boom move to the designated position in the optimal form automatically
  • Construction Machinery Energy saving Technology Award: The First Prize of 2008' Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Progress
  • The two signal ports at the end of oil cylinder transfer the working pressure of oil cylinder to the differential pressure sensor to realize real-time main hydraulic pump output control according to the differential pressure signal in the process of reversing.
  • Special optimal software for computer simulation design shortens the R&D cycle of new truck-mounted concrete pump model, and improves the boom reliability.
  • Special Process for Long boom - Anti-distortion Technology

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