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Concrete Mixer Truck

Concrete Mixer Truck

Also known as cement mixer concrete mixer, concrete mixing by the vehicle chassis and special transport device components. Its outstanding feature is the concrete mixer stir transport concrete homogeneous good, high-speed access to the material, the residual material is low, hydraulic system, reliable, easy operation, beautiful appearance. It also has a rotating stable, reliable performance, easy operation and long working life. Is an ideal, modern, non-polluting road transport concrete mixing equipment, is an important indispensable mechanized construction equipment.

Introduction Mixer Mixing Function Works

The power take off shaft power of the engine driven hydraulic pump through a small hydraulic motor rotates through reducer drive mixing drum rotation. Concrete in transit, it is necessary to keep the mixing tank 1-3 revolutions per minute at a low speed to ensure homogeneity of the concrete while the concrete to prevent segregation, called agitation (stirring commonly known).

Concrete Mixer Truck Hydraulic Transmission Parts Classification

Concrete mixer truck due to poor working conditions, so the quality of the hydraulic transmission parts, reliability is very high, if the failure is under construction, maintenance and trouble. There are two configurations on the hydraulic drive the market. One is split configuration, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, coolers and gear composition, the configuration mature, reliable, easy maintenance; Another type is the triple configurations, hydraulic pumps, triple gear (includes hydraulic motors, radiators, reducer), with this configuration is highly integrated, easy installation, beautiful appearance, but because of the hydraulic system oil and gear oil is the same kind of oil, so the oil requirements more stringent.

Concrete Mixer Truck During Transport Of Attention Things Change

With the development of modern cities, many of the construction are inseparable from the concrete mixer truck, concrete transport need to go to the site above. Therefore, people began to pay attention to this talent started to make money, to get a good concrete mixer sales. However, many people purchase mixer back, did not mind too much during transport vehicle in which the focus changed? Now, we tell you explain, concrete mixer truck during transport of the drivers how to change to avoid unnecessary trouble. 1, concrete mixer truck before loading the car residual concrete blocks should be cleaned with water after the water tank walls moist exhausted. 2, the front of the station, the delivery note and carried verify the strength of concrete mixer truck, car hanging identifies a blog. 3, concrete during transport, mixing tube should be low speed (3 ~ 6r/min), heavy concrete mixer fastest car driving must not exceed 50km / h. 4, after reaching the destination, you should check the identity of 0 and needs pouring concrete strength requirements are the same parts. 5, the front loading, high-speed rotating mixing drum to be 30 seconds, and then reverse the material, such as sedimentation tank or the concrete slump loss is too large and not pumping, the response to the high-speed rotation for three minutes and adjusted before the material. 6, the driver may not be in the way, add water to the car in the field, without undue stay or eat (especially at night) on the way. 7, if the concrete transport vehicle malfunction, should take the initiative to contact suppliers mixing station mobilize other vehicles to be supplemented in order to ensure a continuous supply of construction site concrete. 8, if the transport process in case of traffic congestion, can not guarantee the timely supply of concrete should be notified by telephone immediately following vehicle changing transportation routes, in order to ensure a continuous supply of construction site concrete. Finally, here's a warning for each open concrete mixer truck drivers, the time to be careful while driving, not because of a hurry, and the emergence overtaking, speed and so on. However, the general vehicle accidents, because drivers underperformed the process, mainly those matters too, which led to the phenomenon of accidents.

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