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Competitive price concrete pump

Trailer concrete pump introduction
1.It is new generation concrete pump introduced domestic and foreign advanced technologies.
2.Main oil pump and valve adopts Germany Rexroth or Hawe products, with long service life, stable performance and long-time use.
3.Pipe joint and hydraulic tubing adopt products imported from Germany and Italy, with no leakage.
4.Hydraulic ram lifting changes the traditional ram lifting operated by jack (it can be selected by clients). In terms of some searing parts, such as wearable plate and spectacle plate, our R&D personnel research with Tsinghua University on friction and wearing. The product service life is about 30,000m3, higher than international famous brand.
5.Main electric system components adopts Switzerland ABB soft starter, effectively improving service life of high hydraulic pump and other components, stable startup.
6.Electrical control system components adopts original Siemens programmable controller (PLC), easy to operate, realizing remote control.
7.Through inspection by Shandong Institute of Supervision & Inspection on Product Quality and filed identification of national high-level experts, each performance index is better than enterprise standard and HBT trailer concrete pump reaches domestic advanced level.

Technical Index (for reference)

Concrete Pump HBT60.13.100RS A8V
Parameter Name Unit Technical Data Remark
 Model   HBT60.13.100RS  
Theory output m3/h 65/37  
Theory pressure Mpa 7/13  
Approximate conveying distance m 900 (Level)
Approximate conveying distance mm 220×1400 (Vertical)
Diesel engine power kW 100  
Hopper capacity l 480  
Feeding hight mm 1400  
L×W×H mm 4500×2160×2700  
Approx. weight kg 4700  
Type   (S-valve Trailer Concrete Pump)  
Grain size mm 10—50, (Delivery pipe dia.)ø150  
10—40(Delivery pipe dia.)ø125
Slump mm 100~230  

(Note): HBT60.13.100RS A8Vmeans:HB—Concrete Pump, T—Trailer, 60—Type output(60 M3/h), 

13—Type pressure(13Mpa),100—Engine power(100kW),R—Diesel engine,S—S-valve,A8V—A8V pump

Note2: Company retains the product improvement authority, and changes without notice.

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