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bridge inspection platform is used for railway and bridge inspection

  • Bridge inspection platform
  • Bridge inspection platform
  • Bridge inspection platform
  • Bridge inspection platform

Bridge inspection platform Technical features

►1.Truss structure :
With FEA optimized design and imported high-strength steel and welding consumables the key structural components of truss, platform and rotation tower.etc have adopted advanced welding technology and inspection methods to ensure that the vehicle is lighter in weight, high strength, large load, safety and reliability.

►2. Hydraulic system:
The main hydraulic system components adopt imported well-known brands and optimally designed with new design concept. The layout of hydraulic lines is orderly and reasonable. The system has the feature of high efficiency and low heat to ensure system safe and reliable, and can work at -20 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ environment.

►3. Electrical system:
Original imported electrical hardware; intelligent bus control system displaying each performance parameters of vehicle; Electrical fault self-diagnosis function; location analyst and dangerous operation hint; Safety limit and safety interlocks.

►4. Control System:
Control program is programmed with CoDesys software. Controller, monitor, remote controller and tilt sensor has used CAN bus technology protocols for communication, reducing the failure rate and the user’s maintenance costs; User-computer interaction function is strengthened with colorful embedded graphics user-computer interface, human-computer interaction is powerful; On-board and off-board function is interlocked with software to absolute protect the safety of personnel and equipment

►5.Main and branch power system:
Main power supplied by the PTO on the chassis gearbox has the features of high power, reliability and stability while branch power supplied by imported gasoline generators is environmental friendly, energy saving and convenient, which provide more security for bridge inspection work.

►6.Video monitoring system :
The video monitor system consists of color LED screen, high optical zoom camera, infrared night vision reversing cameras, etc, which can realize the functions of multi-talk, platform monitor, platform camera, reversing video etc. Video monitor screens can be automatically switched according to the operation.

Application for the bridge inspection platform

bridge inspection platform  bridge inspection platform bridge inspection platform bridge inspection platform

Technical parameters for the bridge inspection platform

bridge inspection platform







1.Q:which countries have bridge inspection platform imported to?


        Middle east:Saudi Arabia,Arabian countries
        South America: Cuba,Brazil.
        Asia: Vietnam,New Zealand,Malaysia.
  of course, we are opening the marketing in other countries actively.wellcome you take part in our Cooperative group.
2.Q:Does your factory have any certifications?
    A:YES, we have China industrial product certificate, Chinese 3C product quality system certificate, IS09001:2000 quality managenment system certifaicate and IS014001:2004 environmental management system certificate.
3.Q:How long does the bridge inspection platform take to finish?
   A:After an order,we need between 40-45 days to finish the product.
4.Q:What about the accessory parts which is  easily broken ?
  A:We provide free accessory parts for the replacement of easily broken parts.
5.Q:What kind of payment?

  A: (T/T,L/C).
For more inquiry about the specification of bridge inspection platform,pls send email to us