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Bridge inspection equipment is used to under bridge or railway inspection.

  • Bridge inspection equipment
  • Bridge inspection equipment

Truss type Bridge inspection equipment has adopted two sets of rubber balance wheels operated by hydraulic system as auxiliary support in working state, which are used to ensure the gravity balance and that the balance wheel will not exceed the vehicle width during the work.

Threes set of controller modes are adopted in the vehicle to ensure the stability and reliability of whole vehicle in work: remote control, panel control and emergency control. Remote control mode is recommended by us.

With wireless control and proportional output, the operator can control each movement of vehicle fast and smoothly.

The panel control mode has adopted 2 sets of operation system: one is set in right control box at the vehicle rear and the other is on the 2nd rotation platform of truss, both of which can ensure that each action of the operator is within his own sight and the equipment safety during work.

The emergency mode is the mode in which the electro-hydraulic proportional valve handle is directly operated to control the movement and speed of vehicle.

Meanwhile the vehicle is equipped with video-image monitoring system, electro-hydro synchronous interlock control system, internal instant communication system, auto adjustment system for working status switch, safety relief valve and balance valve, all of which have warranted the vehicle safety in work or travel. And the vehicle also has reservation power system consisting of spare generator and emergency motor pumps. When the chassis generator has problem, the reservation power system can be used to provide power for vehicle and ensure the normal work or withdraw the platform to unfolded status.

Unique operation mode:

Bridge inspection equipment

Components of the Bridge inspection equipment:

bridge inspection equipment


Technical parameters for bridge inspection equipment

 Bridge inspection equipment







1.Q:which countries have Bridge inspection equipment imported to?


        Middle east:Saudi Arabia,Arabian countries
        South America: Cuba,Brazil.
        Asia: Vietnam,New Zealand,Malaysia.
 of course, we are opening the marketing in other countries actively.wellcome you take part in our Cooperative group.
2.Q:Does your factory have any certifications?
   A:YES, we have China industrial product certificate, Chinese 3C product quality system certificate, IS09001:2000 quality managenment system certifaicate and IS014001:2004 environmental management system certificate
3.Q:How long does the Bridge inspection equipment take to finish?  
  A:After an order,we need between 40-45 days to finish the product.
4.Q:What about the accessory parts which is  easily broken ? 
  A:We provide free accessory parts for the replacement of easily broken parts.
5.What kind of payment?
   A: (T/T,L/C).