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Battlefield 4: Tank Vehicle Unlocks

Tanks and Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs) are a staple to the Battlefield series and Battlefield 4 will feature five battle tanks from the various factions, USA, Russian, and the Chinese side. Making a comeback from Battlefield 3 is the M1128, a fast moving tank destroyer. Most tanks sport two seats with the SPRUT holding five soldiers. Tanks will have their own set of unlocks ranging from different types of ammo, extra armor protection, to smoke screens.


main battle tanktype 99 mbtt-90am1 abrams

A Main Battle Tank is a heavily armored land vehicle, capable of withstanding nearly any small-arms fire. In terms of stopping power, tanks are the most powerful ground vehicles in every Battlefield game. The large-caliber guns are able to pierce any armor, and the co-axial guns can mow down infantry and deal large amounts of damage to light-armored vehicles. One tank may hold 2 players – the primary position having control of the tank and the turret which has the Tank’s Main Cannon and co-axial gun, and the secondary having control of the exposed Heavy Machine Gun in front of the hatch.
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